Welcome on the BdF-Schachserver

The German Correspondence Chess Federation (BdF) welcomes you on its own Correspondence Chess Server and invites you to join the community. You would be able to attend the tournaments and meet a lot of other chessplayers.

Login If you are already registered (Username and Password needs to be known)
Register Please also read the information further below on this page.
Joining BdF Open the Form to join the German Correspondence Chess Federtion
Playing as Guest cost free and without obligations (Request Form needs to be filled in)
Information about the BdF-Membership Should be of interest...
BdF-Zugvogel Friends' association of the BdF-Schachserver

Some additional informations:

  1. Registration is only possible, if the user account is already created. This happens after becoming a member or an accepted guest player.
  2. Please enter your BdF-Memberid (or the equivalent Playernumber), your full name and the email-address you have given to BdF. After a successful registration you will be redirected to the Login-Page. The username will be created automatically, the first password will be send by mail.
  3. If you are not yet a member of the German Correspondence Chess Federation, but would like to try out the server, you can play as guest one 3-player round robin tournament, of course cost free and without any obligation.
    After joining the German Correspondence Chess Federation you can play permanently on the BdF-Schachserver.
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